How to Negotiate With JC Penney on Late Fees

Resolving problems with a store credit card company usually begins when you notice inaccuracies in your bill or some other type of problem. When payments are received late often late fees can snowball into a bigger addition to your bill. In order to resolve the problem of late fees you may look into negotiating with JC Penney to lower your late fee charge or come up with some other repayment schedule that will better enable you to timely pay any bills due in the future.

Check your account status. Read through and verify if your most recent statement is accurate as to any purchases or credits you may have had in that period. Determine the late fee assessed on your account.

Analyze your budget for a month’s time and determine how much you have to pay out for necessary expenses and the dates payments are due. Come to a total on this amount and then determine how much that leaves you for emergency use and other expense payment.

Contact the Customer Service representative for JC Penney using the phone number indicated on your bill or write a professionally worded letter explaining your situation in short detail and what your goal is in reducing the late fees on your account.

If yours is a re-occurring situation you may be able to speak to a supervisor and negotiate for a lower late fee rate or no late fees for a short time frame to allow you to pay down your debt.

You may also want to extend your payment date to another time of the month. If your payments are currently scheduled during a time of the month when your finances are normally tighter, try to have the payment date moved up or back to accommodate when you will have more funds to work with.


  • There is no guarantee the company will agree to your suggestions for removing late fees but many times they offer to do so in a bid of confidence in the customer if it is the first late payment fee you have had and you can ensure that future payments will be on time.

    There are professional debt reduction programs that can assist you in negotiating and restructuring debt. Research options online and check the company history before signing up for their service.


  • When you initially contact customer service you are likely speak to a customer service agent who will not be permitted to negotiate late fees. In this case ask to speak to a supervisor.