How to Negotiate With Citibank Credit Card

Negotiating with a credit-card company can seem intimidating, but sometimes just picking up the phone and giving the company a call can get you farther than you'd think. Calling Citibank about your credit cards can potentially get you a higher credit limit, lower annual percentage rates or balance transfer deals. If you're negotiating payments on existing debt, offering a lump sum payment or seeking professional advice is another option.

APR and Services Negotiation

Locate the contact phone number for your particular Citibank credit card. This toll-free number is printed on your credit card, usually on the back side beneath your signature.

Call the number on the card, and listen to the voice prompts to determine what you'd like to do. If none of the options sounds reasonable, say "customer service," or dial the corresponding number for customer service, usually "0."

Tell the customer service representative what you'd like to do. If you want to negotiate for a lower APR, mention your concerns with your current rate, and ask what Citibank can do for you. If you're looking for balance transfer options or higher credit limits, ask the operator if any deals are available for you.

Ask to speak with a supervisor if the customer service representative cannot help with your requests.

Mention your willingness to take your business elsewhere if the customer service representative or supervisor still refuses your request. Citibank doesn't want to lose your business, so its employees will usually do what they can to retain you as a client.

Negotiate Debt Settlement

Tell Citibank you want to negotiate your credit card debt. Write the company a letter, or call a representative on the phone to begin the negotiation process. If you're worried about losing your cool, go with the written word. Copies of sample letters are available at

Find contact information for Citibank. According to Citibank's website, its representatives can be reached several different ways. Mailing addresses and phone numbers are listed on the website.

Keep copies of all correspondence with Citibank regarding your debt negotiation, including copies of your own letters and Citibank's responses. recommends sending all letters through registered mail. Keep receipts for any mailing costs.

Keep a record of all calls made to Citibank regarding your negotiation. Make a note of to whom you spoke, his position and contact information. suggests getting a supervisor's name as well.

Follow up on all phone calls and letters. Call or write to get regular status updates. Allow at least two weeks for letters and up to three days for phone inquiries.


  • If you're looking to negotiate a settlement on credit card debt owed to Citibank, seek the advice of an attorney. She can help negotiate on your behalf, saving you the hassle of dealing with Citibank directly. Your attorney can help you work out a payment plan or lump settlement.

    Time is a factor in credit card negotiations. According to, the longer a debt remains unpaid, the better your chances of reaching a settlement with Citibank.


  • Be aware of penalties or interest fees Citibank may charge. However, these can sometimes be negotiated.