Do I Need a Social Security Number for My Baby to File My Taxes?

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The Internal Revenue Service allows taxpayers to claim household dependents on yearly tax returns if they meet certain requirements regarding relationship, residency and age. Newborn babies can be claimed on taxes as dependents starting in the tax year in which they were born. Taxpayers should enter all required information, such as the child's full name, date of birth as well as Social Security number, to accurately claim the child and receive the corresponding tax advantages.

Social Security Number for Dependents

The IRS requires that taxpayers list the Social Security number of each dependent claimed on yearly tax returns. This policy aims at preventing fraudulent claims for non-existent dependents. Failing to enter a valid Social Security number on your tax return for each dependent can result in fines from the IRS until the matter is resolved. Ordinarily, new parents can apply for a Social Security number for their newborn through the hospital where the child is born. You can also apply directly at a Social Security office, though that process requires more paperwork and may take longer.


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