Need Help Paying Car Insurance

Auto insurance can be a crippling expense for many individuals with low income or many other obligations pulling on their budget. If you apply some effort and spend some time negotiating with your insurance company, it's entirely possible to lower your monthly payments substantially without necessarily switching to another company.

Research Available Discounts

Auto insurance companies provide dozens of hidden discounts to drivers who fulfill certain criteria. They advertise some of them, but others they keep buried within their own systems. Ask about defensive driving discounts for drivers who complete a defensive driving course. Drivers who drive their car 7,500 miles or less often qualify for a low-mileage discount. Drivers who install anti-theft devices in their vehicle can receive safety discounts. Certain occupation categories deemed "low-risk" can also be eligible for sizable reductions in required payments. Cancel additional benefits like roadside assistance that you may not want and are tacked on to your insurance by default. Ask for a homeowner's discount, which cuts your auto insurance payments if you have a home insurance policy with the same company.

Leverage Price Comparisons

Contact other major auto insurance companies and ask them for price quotes for your current make and model of car. Request that they send you offers in the mail. When you receive these offers, challenge your current auto insurance provider to match or beat their prices. If they refuse to lower their prices, switch to another auto insurance provider.

Consider Major Changes

Consider selling your current car and purchasing one with a lower value and higher Auto Safety Rating. Used cars that have common parts and good safety ratings are usually the best choices for insurance premium reduction purposes. Keep your car in a garage if you don't already to get a discount on your auto insurance. Relocating to an area with lower traffic and crime also will reduce your insurance premiums significantly.