How to Get Your Name Off of a Joint Loan

by Lee Stevens ; Updated September 11, 2015

Getting your name off a joint account usually takes a bit of effort and the cooperation of the joint account holder. It is seldom possible to take your name off an account simply by requesting it. The easiest accounts to be removed are those such as credit cards where one person is simply listed as an authorized user. Joint account holderswho applied for a loan together will have to work with the creditor to change the terms of the loan to indicate that one person is solely responsible for the debt.

Determine which loans you need to have a name removed. The most common joint loans include car loans, mortgages, business loans and personal loans.

Contact the lender to find out its procedure is for removing a person from a joint loan. You can contact lenders through the customer service number on your bill or go to its website and contact the company through the appropriate form.

Complete the process required by each lender to remove a name from a joint loan. Some lenders will simply have one person sign a form acknowledging full financial responsibility for the loan. Some companies will require that the person complete a new loan application to ensure financial ability to pay the debt.

Wait to hear from the lender if the company approved the taking a name off the joint loan. In some cases the request will be denied.

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