How Much Does a New York State Trooper Make?

How Much Does a New York State Trooper Make?
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The job of a New York state trooper is filled with the benefit of helping others in need and the danger of dealing with suspected criminals. State troopers patrol statewide as uniformed officers with the power to assist in small crimes or large-scale operations. If you're interested in pursuing a career as a trooper, contact your nearest state police barracks for more information.


New York state troopers have a wide range of duties, ranging from traffic patrol to homicide investigations. New York troopers usually carry a firearm and are permitted to use the weapon when situations call for the use of deadly force. New York state troopers, unlike standard police officers, have juridiction over the entire state. For example, in the event of a high-speed pursuit, state troopers could follow a criminal no matter what city in the state he entered.

Trooper Pay

According to the New York State Police Recruitment Center, the starting salary for a Trooper after graduating from the trooper academy as of 2010 was $66,905. After one year on the force, New York state troopers make $71,261. After five years, a trooper makes $84,739. Troopers are eligible for promotion, and depending on their rank, they can make significantly higher salaries. For example, a sergeant makes nearly $100,000 per year.


Troopers in New York receive medical coverage and other health benefits due to their line of work. Like many jobs, state troopers are offered sick time, medical leave and vacation time. Troopers that work beyond a 40-hour work week are paid overtime for their efforts. New York state troopers have the added benefit of a predetermined retirement pension after 30 years of service.


Prospective state troopers in New York must pass a number of qualification questions and tests to earn their badge. Troopers need at least a high school diploma and United States citizenship to qualify as an applicant. Tests include physical examinations, multiple-choice exams on department procedure and psychological examinations. Troopers must also pass a drug test before employment.