How Much Money Can a Spiritual Consultant Make?

How Much Money Can a Spiritual Consultant Make?
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Much as a financial consultant or a business consultant helps individuals manage their finances or business, spiritual consultants help to ensure that individuals are maintaining their spiritual health, which involves their relationship with God. It is common for a spiritual consultant to be a pastor, clergyman or even a psychic. Thus, how much a spiritual consultant can make is linked to his primary title. Other factors include his reputation and the number of clients he has.

The Basics

Much of the work of spiritual counselors involves counseling. As such, the Bureau of Labor Statistics lists the average salary of counselors at $51,050 as of 2008. The middle 50 percent earn between $38,740 and $65,360. The highest 10 percent of earners make more than $82,330. While the bureau notes the salaries of counselors working for institutions, spiritual counselors often work independent of any institution. The bureau notes that self-employed counselors stand to earn the highest salaries.

A Closer Look

It is common for spiritual leaders, particularly clergymen, to provide spiritual advice on matters pertaining to marriage and family. Others may work as chaplains for a wide range of institutions, such as the federal government, shelters and prisons. Much of what a spiritual consultant does is akin to the work of mental counselors, who are paid to help individuals overcome addiction, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem and stress. The bureau lists the average salary of mental health counselors at $36,810 as of 2008 with the highest 10 percent earning an average of $63,100 as of 2008.


Chaplains offer spiritual counseling and support in addition to Bible classes and other religious duties as mandated by their employer. The Bureau of Labor Statistics lists the average salary of clergy, which includes chaplains, at $48,290 as of 2010. The highest earners make more than $77,390 annually. Those working for hospitals and medical institutions earn an average of $47,090 annually compared to $52,400 for those working for the government.

Psychic Spiritual Advisers

Psychic spiritual consultants, or spiritual advisors, provide a wide range of services including readings, spiritual evaluations (which determine the energy of a person) and aura cleansing (which removes negative energy via meditation and removes negative influences from a person's life). Cleanings can cost as much as $125 according to the Psychic Spiritual Advisors website. Basic readings start at $50 and healing meditation services cost $75 per person according to the website. No yearly salary information exists for psychic spiritual advisors.