How to Find How Much I Owe in Back Child Support in Indiana

by Maya Walker ; Updated July 27, 2017
Child support is used to help provide necessities.

Child support payments are used by custodial parents to care for a child by providing food, shelter and clothing. Parents in Indiana can keep up with how much back child support is owed by using the online services available through the Indiana Department of Child Services. The agency provides up-to-date information regarding payments and amounts in arrears. The online database can be accessed from any location 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you are unable to access the online database, you can obtain back child support information by phone.

Step 1

Visit the Indiana Department of Child Services website and select “Child Support Payment History” from the “Online Services” menu.

Step 2

Enter your MPI and PIN numbers in the appropriate fields. If you did not previously request a MPI or PIN number, you can make a request for a PIN number by filling out an online form (see Resources). The MPI number will be assigned when a PIN is mailed to you.

Step 3

Review your payment history and amount owed. If you are behind in payments, the amount owed will be listed under “Arrears.”


  • A request to find out how much you owe can also be made to the Indiana Department of Child Services by calling customer service at 800-840-8757. Be prepared to give the representative your Social Security number, date of birth and name.

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