How to Find How Much I Owe in Back Child Support in Indiana

How to Find How Much I Owe in Back Child Support in Indiana
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Child support payments are used by custodial parents to care for a child by providing food, shelter and clothing. Parents in Indiana can keep up with how much back child support is owed by using the online services available through the Indiana Department of Child Services. The agency provides up-to-date information regarding payments and amounts in arrears. The online database can be accessed from any location 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you are unable to access the online database, you can obtain back child support information by phone.


  • If you owe child support in the state of Indiana, you can check the current status of your child support payments and review any outstanding debts using the online portal for the Indiana Department of Child Services.

About Indiana Child Support

In Indiana, residents who have been ordered to pay child support are responsible for maintaining that support until the child turns 19 or is emancipated. If the child marries or has not attended school in at least four months. If you miss a payment, you will fall into arrears and owe that extra money. Over time, the Child Support Bureau will take measures to collect on past-due amounts including taking money from your tax refunds, placing a lien on your property, suspending your driver's license or reporting the debt to the credit bureaus.

Fortunately, Indiana makes it easy to check your payments online. Both custodial and noncustodial parents can use the website to review the last five payments. This information is provided for your convenience. You'll still need to remit payment, but you can pay online using the State of Indiana DCS Online Payment Service. You can also pay by check or phone.

How to View Your Payment History

Visit the Indiana Department of Child Services website and click the “Child Support Payment History” link at the bottom of the page. Enter your MPI and PIN numbers in the appropriate fields. If you did not previously request a MPI or PIN number, you can make a request for a PIN number by filling out an online form. The PIN will be mailed to you for security purposes, but you'll be issued an MPI number while filling out the form. Save this for when your PIN arrives.

Review your payment history and amount owed. If you are behind in payments, the amount owed will be listed under “Arrears.” A request to find out how much you owe can also be made to the Indiana Department of Child Services by calling customer service at 800-840-8757. Be prepared to give the representative your Social Security number, date of birth and name.