How to Get Money for Emergency Purposes

There are times when individuals or families need extra help. It is possible to get money for emergency purposes. An emergency can be lack of money for food, rent or medication. Fortunately there are services availble to help people in need. It takes a little research, but there are many places you can turn to.

Contact your local welfare or human services agencies. These are listed in the white pages or call 211 for directory assistance for social services. The Department of Human Services is particular helpful in providing food stamps, or SNAP benefits, in an emergency, especially if you have children.

Contact the local agencies for disabled and elderly people. If someone in your household has a disability or is a senior citizen, these agencies can help with a wide range of services from food stamps to Social Security and Medicare issues. These agencies may also be able to give you money for emergency purposes.

Contact nonprofits that deal with homelessness. Many of these private organizations have funds to help with rent assistance if you have a problem paying the rent or mortgage. In all cases you must qualify to be considered for these services. Homeless activist are a great source of information.

Contact national charitable organizations. Many national groups like Goodwill, the Salvation Army and Catholic Charities have chapters in major cities throughout the United States. Visit their websites to see what services they offer to families in need and then contact the local chapter. Also, look for the local food bank in your Yellow Pages, or ask one of the local nonprofits for its contact information.

Ask for other resources. When you call a human services department or a nonprofit, be sure to ask for suggestions on other places to contact. Many people are knowledgeable and want to help, so it is important to politely ask the person you are talking to if she know of any other places that could help you in your current financial emergency.


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