How to Get Money From My Credit Card

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When life throws you a curve ball and you’re caught short of cash, a credit card could be one source of money. Credit cards offer cash advances that give you access to cash from your available line of credit. Explore the options offered by the credit card company for getting cash. Credit card issuers usually offer several different methods for cash advances that will put the cash in your hands when you need it.

Read your credit card account terms carefully prior to going through with the transaction to learn how the card issuer handles cash advances. Learn the interest rate charged for the cash advance – the cash advance APR is often higher than the standard APR for your credit card. Determine the cash advance fee charged by the card issuer. Find out about grace periods for cash advances, also. It’s common for interest to begin accruing immediately with this transaction.

Explore the options for cash advances with the credit card company. You might get money from your credit card via an ATM, by transferring the cash into an account electronically, by presenting your credit card at a bank or by requesting a check from the credit card issuer.

Analyze your cash needs to make sure you can afford the terms of the cash advance. The high interest rates and lack of grace period combine to make cash advances an expensive method of getting money. Unless you can afford to pay back the cash advance within one month, a cash advance could create a difficult financial situation for yourself with debt at a high interest rate.

Proceed with the cash advance by swiping your credit card at an ATM, by visiting most banks, by calling the credit card company’s customer service number or by logging in to your account on the credit card company’s website. For a transaction at a bank, expect a request for identification before processing of the transaction.


  • Many credit cards also offer cash-back rewards for using a credit card. Simply by using your credit card, you can earn back a percentage of the amount you charge with your credit card. Credit card issuers use different systems for cash-back reward programs. Some companies calculate the total earned and cut checks to customers when they request it or when they reach a minimum balance and some issue an account credit against a balance.


  • Getting a cash advance from an ATM might result in an ATM fee in addition to the cash advance fee. You also likely will need a credit card PIN for a cash advance at an ATM.