What Is the Meaning of CMP in the Stock Market?

by Tim Plaehn ; Updated July 27, 2017

Stocks are often identified by their three-, four- or five-letter symbol. Stock investors and traders need to know the symbol of the stocks they are interested in to find the current and historical prices.


CMP is the stock symbol for Compass Minerals International. Compass Minerals is headquartered in Overland Park, Kansas. CMP stock is not a component of any major stock market index.


Compass Minerals produces salt products used in road deicing, table salt and water care products. Compass also produces organic-approved fertilizer products for nut, fruit and vegetable crops.

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Compass Minerals is an environmentally friendly company. It produces no hazardous chemicals. Solar energy and energy co-generation power its main production facility. The company's vehicles are fueled with biodiesel blends.

Investment Results

CMP stock went public in 2003 at $13.00 per share and in mid-2009 it traded at over $60. The company has increased its dividend payout each year since the stock started trading.


From the company's 2nd quarter of 2009 earnings results: The company has a "recession-resistant core salt business" and the "ability of our specialty fertilizer segment to generate year-over-year earnings growth."


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