Master's Degree: How to Find a Scholarship

Paying for graduate school can be daunting, but many schools, organizations and agencies offer scholarships to students entering Master’s programs. It’s always best to check with the graduate schools to which you have applied, as they will have information on specific scholarships offered only to their students. There are many scholarship-search services on the web, but be cautious when using these, particularly if they request an upfront fee to conduct a search. You should also check with local organizations in your area, such as churches and community agencies. These local groups often offer scholarships available only to members of their communities.

Go to the Department of Education Federal Student Aid website. This is a government website that provides resources for a number of financial aid scenarios, including student loans and scholarships. You can find a link to this website in Resources.

Click on “Tools and Resources.” You can find this listed on the left-hand side of the page.

Click on “Scholarship Search”.

Click on “General Scholarship Information”.

Click on “Scholarship Search”. You can use the site’s basic scholarship search, using general keywords like “Master’s” or the major you will be studying. You can also register with the site to use the site’s scholarship matching wizard. With this tool, you can enter your personal profile, and the wizard will search for scholarships that are best suited for your academic situation.

Click on a scholarship that interests you. You will be presented with a number of scholarships from the Department of Education’s database that match your search terms or profile. Click on the name of the scholarship to get more details on the scholarship, its requirements and application information.