How to Find the Market Value for CUSIP Bonds

How to Find the Market Value for CUSIP Bonds
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CUSIP stands for Committee on Uniform Securities Identification Procedures. The CUSIP number is an identification number assigned to all securities. including stocks and bonds, in the United States and Canada. Fidelity Investments maintains a free database which allows users to look up information about any registered bond using only the CUSIP number. This includes the market value of the bond as well as the current coupon, yield to maturity, credit score and other bond attributes specific to the issue. The tool provides the market value of the bond as both a price and a yield.

Pull up the Fidelity Investments Fixed Income web site. This is a unique web site that is more comprehensive than any bond listing in a newspaper or free investment research site database. See Resources for a link.

Enter the CUSIP for the bond you want to find the market value for in the box in the left hand pane. As an example, enter the CUSIP 36966R6K7 for GE capital bonds which expire in 2022 and click "Search".

Scroll from left to right for the market value as a bid/ask price and a bid/ask yield. These are the current market values for the bond. If you are looking for a dollar amount, use the price. However, if you want the market value expressed in rate terms, use the yield.


  • For additional information about the bond click on the bond description.