How to Make Your Home Smell Good During an Open House

When selling your home, you must have everything looking good — and smelling good. Every house has a "smell," whether it be good or bad, and you definitely want your home's smell to be good. Sometimes you don't have a lot of notice to show your home, so a few quick fixes to get your home smelling nice might prove useful.

Stock up on baking soda, which naturally absorbs odors. It is safe to use, economical and versatile.

Sprinkle it in shoes in the foyer and mud room, and on all carpets before vacuuming. Shake a little bit into the bottom of all garbage cans and the kitty litter box.

In the kitchen, use it in the garbage disposal. An open box in the refrigerator will keep food odors at bay, just in case a prospective buyer opens it. Keep an open box of baking soda in all closets and in the laundry room.

Simmer one cinnamon stick with four to six cloves in water, in a pot on your stove daily. If you have a lemon or an orange, add rind to the pot for a fresh citrus scent. By doing this daily, you keep that nice, natural aromatic smell in your home. And because it's natural, it doesn't have the overpowering smell of a scented spray.

Keep some of these items on hand to quickly make your home smell good.

Refrigerated cookie dough. Quickly bake cookies and place them on a plate for your guests.

Raisin bread. Make raisin toast. You probably don't want to serve this to your guests, but the aroma will linger long enough to make your guests happy.

Microwave popcorn. As a last resort, pop popcorn. Most people love the smell of popcorn and you can also have this in a nice big bowl.


  • Keep the fragrances and aromas you choose for your home natural for the best results.


  • If you must use a spray deodorizer, use those with natural ingredients.


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