How to Make a Payment on an HSN Credit Card

How to Make a Payment on an HSN Credit Card
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If you own an HSN credit card, you will receive a bill each month for purchases you have made. You will then have approximately two weeks to at least pay the minimum amount due on the bill. There are several ways to make your monthly payment. You can pay by phone, though the mail, or by HSN's online payment system.

Call 1-877-285-4007 to make a payment by phone. You will need a check that you can write VOID across. The representative will ask you for your bank's account number, as well as the routing number on the check. Tell the representative how much you want to pay on your HSN account and give her your HSN credit-card account number. Make sure you record the transaction in your checking account ledger.

Locate the payment address on your HSN credit-card account statement if you didn't receive a pre-addressed envelope with your statement. Write a check for the amount you want to pay and enclose it with the payment stub that can be torn off the bottom of your HSN credit-card statement. Mail it several days ahead of the payment due date so that it reaches HSN in time.

Register for an online account with HSN (see resources). When you register, you will need to submit your banking information, such as your account number and the bank's routing number. Once this has been verified, you can begin making payments.

Log in to your online HSN account. Choose the "Make a Payment" option. Your bank account information is already set up so all you have to do is tell HSN whether you want to pay the amount due, the full amount you owe or an amount of your choosing. Click "Submit" when you are finished. Be aware that your transaction may not be completed for up to two business days.


  • HSN does charge an online fee to make a payment on the same day it is due. It's best to make sure your payment is set up with a few days to spare.