How to Make Payment Assurant Renters Insurance

Companies like Capital Insurance Group and Assurant are just a few of the many Assurant renter's insurance companies available to homeowners and renters looking to purchase an insurance policy for a property. If you currently have Assurant renter's insurance and just need a point in the right direction regarding payment information, read on.

Ask to include a renter's insurance program within your lease agreement. Having a rental insurance policy implemented within your lease agreement eliminates the need for quarterly payments. The costs will be absorbed within the monthly fees and rental charges associated with the property, eliminating extra paperwork and preventing an interruption in coverage because of missed payments.

Pay online. As an Assurant renter's insurance policyholder, you can pay online by visiting the website of the insurance company. For example, if you hold a policy with Home Insurance, Insure Me, of CIG Insurance, you log onto the official company website. Enter your user name and password to view your account. Click on "Make a Payment" and then enter the payment amount. Provide your credit card number and expiration date. To approve the transaction, select, "Accept"; in some cases, "Submit" or "Approve This Payment" will appear. If you are not registered, select, "Register for Self-Service Password Reset Tool." Or if you forgot your password, select "Forgot Your Password?"

Pay by phone. Contact the insurance company to speak with a customer service representative. Provide your policy number and or home address with city and state. To complete the payment, provide a valid check or credit card to pay the balance on your Assurant renter's insurance policy. You may be asked to provide your Social Security number or mother's maiden name if you do not have a policy number. You can locate your policy number at the top of your quarterly statement.