How to Make Cute Paper Dirty Diapers Cheap

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You usually won't find the words "cute" and "dirty diapers" in the same sentence. That is until now. Don't worry though, the only aroma that will fill the air with these diapers, is the smell of melted chocolate. This simple and easy to make craft provides adorable party favors for guests. They also serve a dual purpose, as they can be used to play the "What's in the Dirty Diaper?" game. The guests will pass the different diapers around and try to figure out what kind of candy bar is in the diaper. Whoever has the most correct guesses wins.

Place a paper napkin down a solid surface. Make sure the napkin is positioned in a diamond shape. Put a miniature candy bar in the middle of the napkin. Place the napkin, with the candy bar into the microwave and cook for approximately 30 seconds.

Remove the napkin and melted candy bar from the microwave. Place the napkin back onto the solid surface, facing you in a diamond position.

Fold the bottom corner of the napkin up and over the lower half. Make sure that you cover the melted chocolate bar.

Fold both of the side corners of the napkin up and over the middle. Secure all three corners into place using a small safety pin. Place the finished diaper on a serving tray.

Repeat this process using different types of candy bar.


  • If using the diapers to play the "What's in the Dirty Diaper?" game, you will need to number each individual diaper and make a list of what specific type of candy bar was placed into each specific diaper.