How to Make Your Own Coupon Organizer

If you clip coupons to save money on your grocery bill, restaurant purchases and other household expenses, you probably have experienced the frustration of digging through a stack of coupons at the checkout counter, trying to find the right one. Supermarkets and online retailers sell coupon organizers that can help you find your coupons more quickly. However, you can save money by making your own coupon organizer to categorize and store coupons for easy access.

Purchase a three-ring binder with a leather or vinyl cover that zips closed to prevent coupons from spilling out.

Buy a package of plastic sheet protectors that are sealed at the bottom.

Load the plastic sheet protectors into your three-ring binder.

Purchase self-adhesive, colored label tabs. Affix a colored tab to the top of each sheet protector so that the tabs extend above the top of the sheets. This allows you to quickly locate the sheet protector containing the coupons you need.

Write or print coupon categories on the tab inserts included with your colored tabs. For example, you could use categories such as automotive, restaurant, household items, canned goods, bakery items, meats and produce.

Insert one of the tab inserts into each tab. As you clip coupons, place them into the sheet protector under the appropriate category.


  • Color code your tabs to find the right coupon more quickly. For example, you could use green tabs for grocery items, blue for household cleaning items, red for automotive coupons and orange for restaurant coupons.

    Add subcategories if you require more refined coupon organization. For example, divide restaurant coupons into separate sheet protectors for fast food, sit-down restaurant and buffet coupons.

    Organize your coupon sheets by aisle if you frequently shop at the same store.