How to Make Money Fast With Recycling Bottles

Making a living can be tough, especially in a slow economy. Sometimes you need money quickly, but have no way of earning it. However, if you look around, there's "money" in many places in the form of unredeemed drinking bottles. Whether plastic or glass, your state may have a redemption program where you pay upfront, usually 5 to 10 cents, for each bottle and then receive the money back as a reimbursement after you recycle the bottles that you purchase or collect.

Buy a box of disposable gloves to wear when collecting your water bottles.

Collect as many bottles as you can. Redeeming the bottles that you purchase only will not help you make money, because you have already paid for them. With the redemptive value in your state, figure out how many bottles you will need to collect to reach your goal.

Go to places where a large number of people eat or enjoy their drink in bottles. For example, walk a marathon after its over and collect the bottles that were thrown on the ground.

Ask a convenience food store owner, who serves drinks in bottles, if you can leave a trash receptacle with a "Recycling" sign on it. Pick up the trash can before the restaurant closes.

Visit each trash area near the field and snack bar at sport parks. Also, carry a trash bag with you and offer to take empty bottles from the spectators.

Walk through Farmers' Markets in your area and pick up discarded bottles. Also, if there is a special event, such as a concert or fair, ask the promoters if you can help clean up by collecting bottles after the event is over.

Redeem the bottles at recycling centers as often as you need the money. If you work regularly, you may be able to make a small income fast. However, you will have to make your rounds every day that you want to be paid.