How to Make Money From Your Debit Card

How to Make Money From Your Debit Card
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Almost everyone has credit cards however most people do not make money using them. I will give you tips to make money using your debit card.

Debit cards are as much a part of life as credit cards, most people do not use cash anymore. You might as well take advantage of your debit card usage and make some money from it.

Many debit cards will pay you a percentage cash back when used in stores to buy items. Most pay between 1-5% and some pay a fixed figure like 10 cents per use. If you take advantage of this feature and use your debit card instead of a credit card, check or cash you can make quite a nice sum of money within a years time. Many debit cards also have rewards programs that issue points.


Taking advantage of the loopholes and getting paid cash and reward points can quickly add up. Always sign up for these features and take advantage of them to put cash in your pocket.