How to Make Money Clipping Coupons

How to Make Money Clipping Coupons
••• Leo Valen

Everyone knows that coupons are worth money. Every time you save $1.00 on a box of cereal by using a coupon, you are saving real money. Most people, however, don't know that you can actually make money every time you clip your coupons, even if you don't want to use them for your own family. There are other families out there willing to pay you for the time it took you to clip the coupons.

Gather together the Sunday paper or any thing that has coupons in it. This could be coupons on cereal boxes, inside food boxes, from magazines, or a flyer you received in the mail.

Print out as many coupons as you can online. There are many sites that will give you free coupons that you can print out. These coupons are just as good as the coupons you find in the Sunday paper. One site to consider is MyPoints. You can actually get 10 points for each coupon that is redeemed as well. Those points can get you free gift cards. The link to MyPoints is below the article.

Clip your coupons. Now it is time to get out those scissors and clip those coupons. Make them as neat as possible.

Take a picture of your coupons. Upload the picture to your computer.

List the coupons on eBay. The more coupons you offer the higher a price you are going to get. You can set the shipping at the current stamp amount to cover the costs of shipping. List in the description the expiration dates and how much a person can save using these coupons. Make sure that you also add that the buyer is paying you for your time to clip the coupons and not for the coupons themselves.

Wait for the auction to be over and mail the coupons to the winner.


  • Have your friends and family save the coupons they don't want. They can give them to you to sell.


  • Don't mail the coupons until after you have received payment for the coupons.