How to Make Financial Budgeting Fun

How to Make Financial Budgeting Fun
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Dealing with finances can sometimes seem like a difficult chore, especially if money is tight and you have a lot of bills. However, it doesn’t have to be a dreaded or difficult task. Add an element of fun to financial budgeting to make a necessary task less dreary and give you some incentive to find new ways to work with your money.

Make a list of everything you spend money on. This will be the basis for your budget. Creating the final budget will be much easier to do if you have already figured out where the money goes. You will want to include necessary bills, such as rent and utilities, but don’t forget the fun stuff. A budget that allocates funds for entertainment, even a very small amount, is much more fun to deal with than one that ignores the fun things in life.

Plan to have some type of a reward if you meet your budgeting goal for the month. The reward doesn’t have to cost anything; it could be a walk on the beach or a trip to the park. You can also plan for it in your entertainment budget. Keep the money in reserve until you have actually reached your goal, so you have some incentive and a fun reason to stick to your budget.

Involve other members of your family in making the budget. Showing your kids what happens to the money you make can be a fun and educational project for everybody. This works especially well if the kids get to have input into what to do with the entertainment part of the budget.

Use online resources designed to help make budgeting more fun and understandable. Many banks have free budgeting software online, as do various consumer-help and government sites. These sites help you to develop a realistic budget in a fun and interesting way, engaging you in a question and answer session rather than just having you sit and fill numbers in on a spreadsheet.

Remember that your budget is a guide for you to use. You have the power to change it. It also gives you power over your money. This kind of thinking lets you feel more in control and makes budgeting much more fun.


  • Budgeting doesn’t require fancy tools. You don’t need anything more than a pencil and paper to create a simple budget.


  • Be sure to consider all of your income and expenses when setting up a budget. If you spend extra money on such things as pet food or a movie, these must be accounted for or your budgeting efforts will fail.