How to Make Extra Money For Teens Now

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Teens often have specific desires that require money. From designer clothing and electronic gadgets to activities and excursions, most teenagers need spending money. Encourage teens to earn the money they need to make these purchases. A teenager’s earning power depends on individual age, geographical location and interests. Most teens can make extra money using creative ideas and entrepreneurial vision.


Sell unwanted items online. Create an account on eBay and sell items through online auctions. The teen might need to use an adult’s PayPal account to accept payments. If this is the case, provide close supervision of the account activity. Take photos of items, create listings, receive payments and ship the items to customers.

Make specialty items and sell them online. Items that sell well include jewelry, stationery, hair bows, woodworking items and floral designs. Sell items through eBay, Etsy or Artfire after creating a seller’s account. Provide adult supervision when teenagers collect money for items.

Provide web design for customers. A teen with web design and website expertise can advertise these services and create websites. Check similar advertisements to learn competitive rates and advertise on websites such as Craigslist. Another option is to make flyers and distribute them locally. Work closely with customers to create the websites they desire.

Create a blog or a website and use it to sell affiliate products or sell ad space. After joining an affiliate program and selecting affiliate products, place the affiliate links into the blog or website. Earn commissions if visitors click the links and make purchases. Earn money from clicks if visitors click ads.

Local Earning

Offer babysitting or pet-sitting services. Make flyers listing the services provided, fees for the services and a contact number. Place the flyers in local businesses. Advertise in local newspapers also.

Perform yard work, including mowing, trimming, planting and weeding. Make flyers listing your services and fees, including a contact number, and hang them from local bulletin boards and businesses. Place ads in local newspapers, too.

Start an odd-job service. Wash cars and windows, paint houses, run errands, clean houses and provide house-sitting services when people go out of town. List all of the services on an eye-catching flyer, include rates for the individual services and hang the flyers around the neighborhood.

Deliver newspapers or circulars. Call local newspapers or circular agencies and apply for a carrier position to deliver newspapers within neighborhoods close to home.

Work for local businesses. The Fair Labor Standards Act sets age 14 as the minimum employment age. Some states have child labor laws that make higher minimums than the national minimum. Teens may find employment opportunities with local restaurants, shops and services.