How to Make Extra Money in Your Local Area

How to Make Extra Money in Your Local Area
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You would be surprised at the number of ways to make extra money in your local area. You may not even be aware of the belongings and skills that you possess that could be making you extra money in your community. If you want to make extra money in your neighborhood, find out what services your neighbors need. Once you find your moneymaking niche, you will be soon find opportunities to make the extra money you need.

Purchase a lawn mower and additional lawn care tools, such as a weed eater. Select a lawn mower that is within your budget. Make sure that the mower is fuel-efficient and durable. Inform your neighbors and community acquaintances that you area available to mow their lawns. Word-of-mouth is a powerful promotional tool. Pass out business cards with all of your contact information on it. Post flyers throughout the community with information such as your name, fee, services and contact details.

Scour your home for old junk and items that you no longer use such as televisions sets, clothes, shoes, books, kitchen appliances, computers, furniture, bedroom suits, collectibles and game consoles. Create flyers for a yard sale that are catchy and attractive. Plan the yard sale at least a week in advance, so that you have time to prepare. Set the yard sale for a weekend when people are at home. Have the yard sale early in the morning. Have a two-day sale if you have several items left over after the first sale.

Make extra money by having a bake sale. Bake a variety of goodies such as cakes, brownies, cobblers, cookies, donuts and pies. It is important to have a broad selection, because you never know what customers prefer. Sell the goods in an array of quantities. Sell some of the items by the pieces and sell some in there entirety. Keep the prices low to moderate. Give buyers a convenient time to come and purchase the desserts. Ensure that you use quality ingredients to make your items. This will gain you repeat business. Remember to comply with the local health and safety regulations. Apply for a permit to sell food with your municipal health and safety agency.

Gather all the equipment necessary to begin washing cars, such as a water bucket, washing brushes, sponges, squeegees, soap, tire-cleaning solution, window cleaner and towels. Purchase a small, cordless car vacuum if you wish to clean the inside of cars, too. Post flyers throughout your community listing the time and location of the car wash. List the services that you perform on the car in the flyer. Additionally, you can offer to visit the homes of customers to do the car washes by appointment.