How to Make Payment With Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama

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As a member of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama, you have easy options for paying your monthly insurance premiums. The provider has online tools that let you make payments, print insurance cards, file claims and make changes to your account, all within minutes. Online transactions can be performed through the provider’s website and also through its mobile app.

Navigate to the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama website at Find the “My Blue Cross Member Login” box and click the “Need to Register Your Account?” link.

Enter your Social Security number, Group Number (located on your Member card), name and birth date. Click the “Next Step” button.


Create your profile. In this step, you’ll choose a username and password.


Log in to your account and find the “Manage My Contract” tab. Here, you’ll see an option to pay your bill. Click the “Pay My Bill” tab and schedule your payment. You can pay by checking account, credit card or debit card. After you create an account, you can also schedule payments through your phone by downloading the Alabama Blue Mobile App through the App Store or Google Play.