How to Make Complaints on a Section 8 Tenant

How to Make Complaints on a Section 8 Tenant
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Under the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development program, also known as HUD, individuals of a low-income status can apply to receive housing assistance so that they are provided with a safe home. Section 8 is part of the housing choice voucher program, in which qualifying individuals receive vouchers to find their own housing. If you live near a Section 8 tenant and have complaints about them or the way they are maintaining their property, you can file a complaint.

Look up the public housing agency (PHA) that manages your neighborhood, city or state. Under Section 8, the PHA is the administrative entity that manages funds and pays the landlord for the tenant to be able to reside on the property. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development's website has a service that allows you to look up the PHA in your area.

Contact the PHA assigned to your county or city by calling them. Ask to speak with a representative that can help you resolve a complaint about a tenant under Section 8.

Give the PHA representative as much information as you can on the person you are calling to complain about, including the person's street address and name if you have it.

Provide a detailed description in your complaint. If you are complaining about the condition of the property, let the representative know exactly what the problem is. For instance, if there are old couches left in the front yard, litter all over the place or broken windows, they will need to know this. You can also file a complaint if you suspect illicit activities occurring in the home, if the tenants are making too much noise or if it appears as though fraudulent activities are going on, such as that the family is renting out the house to other individuals to make money.


  • Aside from contacting the PHA, you can also contact the landlord of a housing unit, if the section 8 tenant's home is part of a managed apartment complex.