How to Make a Complaint Against a Realtor in Florida

With its sunshine, warm weather and beautiful beaches, Florida is a prime spot for Realtors and real estate. If you come in contact with a Realtor, real estate agent, broker or appraiser who commits unethical or illegal acts in Florida, you have the right to file a complaint that could lead to discipline or even criminal charges.

Download and fill out the Uniform Complaint Form -- or form RE-2200-1, which is available on the My Florida License website. According to the website, all complaints must be submitted in writing. Submit only one copy, because submitting duplicate copies can cause a delay in processing the form.

Submit copies of any supporting documents with the complaint form. According to Florida's Division of Real Estate, these can include contracts, closing documents and checks. Filers are encouraged by the agency to clearly identify the subject, allegations and supporting evidence upon submission.


Wait for further instructions or questions from the Division of Real Estate or law enforcement. The agency notes that investigations differ in their length, depending on the severity of the claim and issues involved. Investigations may conclude quickly or take a significant amount of time.