How to Make a Check Register

Learning how to make a check register is easy if you have Microsoft Access or Excel. You can design your own register to keep on your computer or to print out for your checkbook carrier. Some people choose to have both a copy in their checkbooks and on their computers so that they can conveniently manage their checking accounts.

Label the columns you will use. Enter \"Date\" in A1, \"Check Number\" in C1, \"Name of Payee\" in E1, \"Debit\" in G1, \"Credit\" in I1 and \"Balance\" in K1; M1 will be for marking when debits and credits have cleared. You will leave B1, D1, F1, H1, J1 and L1 empty.

Format each column so that your entries will fit. Do this by selecting the entire column and opening the format from the toolbar. Then select \"Column\" and change the width. Do this for each column. The empty columns can be made as small as 1 or 2 in the Format ? Column ? Width box.

Format columns to display currency. Make columns G1, I1 and K1 display currency by highlighting each column and then pressing the dollar sign on the toolbar.

Enter a balance on the first line, which will be K2. This is your starting balance, which will be the start of a running total for your checkbook. As you add credits and debits, they will be subtracted or added as a running total.

Make a running total by formatting K3. Click on K3 and then click the ? symbol on your toolbar, which represents Autosum. When you see the moving dotted box around the cell, look at the toolbar and you will see K2: =SUM(K2). Enter this formula in the toolbar so it looks like this: SUM(K2-G3+I3); then press enter on your keyboard.

Make the balance column update every time you make a debit or credit by clicking on the prior cell, then pressing \"Ctrl\" and \"C.\" Then click the cell underneath that flashing dotted cell and press \"Ctrl\" and \"V.\" For instance, you put your balance in K2, which is $500. Click on K2 and press \"Ctrl\" and \"C\" (means \"copy\"). Then click on the K3 cell and press \"Ctrl\" and \"V.\" You will see cell K3 update.


  • With this handy check register, you will have a checkbook that is easy to balance and reconcile with your bank statement.