How to Make Cheap Birthday Banners

How to Make Cheap Birthday Banners
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When you get tired of throwing birthday parties without a banner or hanging the generic, plastic banner you bought at the dollar store, it's time to get creative and make a cheap one. It sounds daunting, but it only takes a little bit of time, a few items laying around your house or that you can purchase at a discount store paired with your imagination. Keep in mind the birthday person's favorite colors and hobbies while you pick out paper and you can't go wrong.

Cut all seven sheets of scrapbook paper in half.

Center a large stencil in the middle of the scrapbook paper and then trace it. Repeat the process on the next piece of paper until you have spelled “Happy birthday.” For example, on one piece of paper write “H” on another write “a” etc.

Measure across the top of each piece of paper and place marks at the 1-, 3- and 5-inch locations, a half inch from the top edge. Punch holes at each marked spot on the 14 pieces of paper.

Stack your letters into a pile so they spell “Happy Birthday.”

Pick up the letter “H” and feed the yarn through the first hole, out the second hole and back into the first hole. Repeat the process until all of the letters have been added to the yarn. There should be an extra foot of yarn on each end so you can hang the banner.

Pull the butcher paper until it is long enough to reach across a doorway entrance and cut it. You will need an extra 2 inches on each side of the doorway so you can tape it to the walls.

Print your birthday message on the paper with markers. Make the letters large so they can easily be read.

Decorate the banner with large stickers.


  • Personalize the banners by adding the birthday person's name. If you keep the banner simply "Happy birthday" you can easily reuse it. Skip the stencils by picking a font on your computer and printing it on the scrapbook papers.