How to Make an Appointment With H&R Block

How to Make an Appointment With H&R Block
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H&R Block is one of the most well-known tax preparation companies in the United States. While H&R Block also offers on-line tax preparation services, some taxpayers prefer to meet their tax-preparer in person. H&R Block has accountants and tax assistants available in its offices. Although walk-ins are welcomed, appointments are easy to set, flexibly scheduled and will reduce the risk of having to wait to see someone. There is no extra charge for scheduling an appointment, as opposed to walking in.

Head to H&R Block's Homepage

To make an appointment, hop on your computer, laptop or tablet and visit the H&R Block official website using your Internet browser.

Find a Local Office

Look for the blue “Find an Office” tab on the H&R Block homepage and give it a click. Next you have the option of entering your zip code and pressing the green "Go" button or selecting the icon that says "Help Me Choose a Pro" and entering your zip code.

Select Your Appointment Time

Review the list of nearby H&R Block locations and select the one you'd like to visit. You'll then be able to choose a date and time that works best for you. Provide your name, email address, telephone number and social security number before pressing the green "Confirm Appointment" button. If you'd rather call in person and set up an appointment, you'll find the office's telephone number listed under the location address.

It is important to note that while appointments are not required to receive service at H&R Block, they are highly recommended. Appointments ensure you will receive service in a timely fashion, without having to battle a long line of customers.

Contact Customer Support

You can always visit a local H&R Black office in advance to request an appointment at a later date, or call H&R Block Customer Support on 1-800-472-5625.

Prepare for the Office Visit

Although there is no charge for making an appointment, H&R Block does charge on average $225 for their tax preparation services. Be sure that you understand upfront all the fees you may be charged. Additionally, when preparing for the office visit, you'll need to gather all of your income information, expenses and charitable donation receipts. You'll also need proof that you and all the members of your household were covered by medical insurance. If you are unsure as to whether you need any additional documents, contact the customer support line for a more detailed list.