How to Make 10% Plus Return On an Investment

It is possible to safely realize at least a 10% return on your investments so if you have a saving account, CD, or some cash that is earning little or nothing, read on.

I am doing this and I only wish I had known about these opportunities sooner.

Open an account with an online broker such as E Trade, Share Builder, Ameritrade, or Scottrade. You can wire transfer funds to your cash account at the online broker from your bank or credit union.

Do your research and find a company that you are comfortable owning part of. The easiest way to research is to look up a company and on the chart page, there will be a section on news and similar companies. I will give you the companies I own and you can research many other firms when you search the tickers.

a: Prospect Capital Corp. ticker: PESC. is in the financial services sector paying 14.5%.

b: Capstead Mortgage Group, ticker: CMO is a REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust)specializing in commercial real estate paying 14.94%.

c: Penn Virginia Group Holdings LP, ticker: PVG is a MLP (Master Limited Partnership) in the coal and natural gas sector paying 10.22%

Any of these three would be safe and lucrative investments without doing the additional research, however you owe it to yourself to do your own research.

Decide what issues you are comfortable with. Pay attention to the rate of return in dividends or disbursements. Pay attention to the 52 week high price and buy close to the high so that normal fluctuations in the market do not lower your percentage of return. Don't put all your eggs in one basket, diversify your investments in more than one sector.

OK, if you are ready go online and order your trades with your online broker. Sit back and watch the quarterly dividend or disbursements appear in your cash account

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