How to Lower Your Cable, Telephone, and Internet Bills by at Least 25%

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Many families have three bills in their budget that could easily provide financial relief if the monthly payment dropped. These three bills are the cable bill, the telephone bill and the Internet bill. By combining services, dropping some altogether, or simply speaking with the service provider, most people can find ways to reduce their bills by at least 25 percent. These steps can easily be applied to other bills such as cell phone bills, credit card bills and other service and utility providers.

Tackle your cable bill first. Read through the entire bill and see if any additional services, such as digital recording or premium channels, are going unused by your family. Call your cable company at the customer service hotline listed on the bill. Ask the customer service representative to drop any unused services and also request any current specials. Often times, simply by asking for a reduced rate, the cable provider will offer you a current special to keep your business. If you have other cable or satellite options in your area, notify the representative of other available options and their prices to see if the current company will match the price to keep your business.

Review your telephone bill. Are there any features, such as call forwarding, call holding or long-distance plans that you do not use? Call your telephone provider and request for those additional services to be dropped. Shop around to other telephone providers in your area to see if switching services is an option to reduce your bill. If you do not want to switch, notify your current company of the competitor’s rates and ask for a match.

Review your Internet bill as well. In some areas, Internet providers have multiple speeds of downloads, such as high, medium and low. Would a small change in download speed affect your Internet usage? In many cases, the answer is no. See if switching to a lower speed reduces your bill. As with the previous steps, shop around for other options in your area and see if switching saves you money.

Bundle your services through one provider, if practical. Some companies offer bundling services that group cable, Internet and telephone together for a discounted rate. See if bundling all three services with one company reduces your total bill.

Drop services if more reasonable alternatives exist. If shopping around or bundling services won't significantly reduce your bill, consider other options. Many people find that if they have a cell phone, they can drop their home phone completely to save even more. Additionally, many have found online options for watching television, such as Hulu, Netflix or even going directly to the website of the network that produces the show. This allows the user to completely drop his cable bill.


  • Switching service providers often results in a dramatically reduced rate; however, those are typically rates only offered for a preset period, such as six months. Note that in your decision-making process.