Low Income Financial Help for Surgery

Low Income Financial Help for Surgery
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An article in the October 14, 2009 issue of Time magazine reported that 46.3 million people in the US had no health insurance. Many people struggle to pay for the medical care they need, including surgery for various conditions.


Some low-income people qualify for Medicaid, a state administered program available in all 50 states. Medicaid covers a variety of medical needs, including surgery.

Children’s Health Insurance Program

The Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) provides health insurance to uninsured children from low-income families that do not qualify for Medicaid. It covers surgery for children.

Hill-Burton Act

The Hill-Burton Act requires hospitals that received federal money for construction to provide a reasonable amount of free care to patients. Patients must have incomes at or below the poverty limit to qualify.

Discounts from Health Care Providers

Health care providers sometimes offer discounted services to low-income patients. Most hospitals have programs to offer reduced cost care based on a patient’s income, and many doctors provide low cost services for some patients. Patients in need should talk to their health care providers.

Private Foundations

Private foundations sometimes help pay for surgery for low-income patients. For instance, the Lions Club helps patients pay for eye surgery. The Brenda Mehling Cancer Fund helps patients with insurance co-pays for cancer treatment, including cancer surgery.