How to Look Up a U.S. Savings Bond by the Serial Number

How to Look Up a U.S. Savings Bond by the Serial Number
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U.S. savings bonds may be a suitable method for growing your income if you have the patience for a long-term return on your investment. The federal government will repay your investment with interest when the savings bond matures. Your tax liability will not incur until you cash in your savings bond. As you determine when you wish to redeem a savings bond, you can look up a U.S. savings bond by the serial number.

Navigate to the Treasury Direct website. Click the “Tools” tab at the top of the webpage and select “Savings Bond Calculator” from the options on the next webpage. Click the “Get Started” link.

Enter the type of savings bond, the denomination, the serial number and the issue date in the appropriate blanks. Enter a date in the “value as of” blank.

Click the blue “Calculate” button to view the information about your savings bond.

Change the “value as of” date to view different values of the savings bond using different dates. Dates further in the future will generally produce higher rates. Click the green “Update” button to view the different rates.

Click the “Save” button after viewing the results. Select “File” and “Save Page As” to save the results on your computer. Enter a name for the bond list and click “Save” again. When you wish to view the results at a later date, open the file on your computer and select “Return to Savings Bond Calculator.” The list will update with the most current data.