How to Look Up Savings Bonds

How to Look Up Savings Bonds
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The Treasury has made keeping track of your savings bonds much easier. In addition to viewing your portfolio of electronic bonds online at Treasury Direct, you can access a special calculator to look up your paper EE, E or I bonds. Although the government no longer issues HH or H savings bonds, the Treasury offers yet another Internet tool where you can look up their current value and other pertinent information.

Look up your electronic bonds in your Treasury Direct account. Log on through the link to "Treasury Direct: Access Your Account" in Resources, put in your account number and password and click the blue "Enter" button to view complete information about your portfolio of electronic savings bonds.

Look up your paper EE, E and I bonds at "Treasury Direct: Calculate the Value of Your Savings Bonds." Use the link to the website in Resources.

Enter the information for your first bond in the appropriate box for series, denomination and issue date.

Click on "Calculate" to display your bond information. You will see the information displayed in this order: serial number, series, denomination, issue date, next accrual, final maturity, issue price, interest, interest rate and value. "Next Accrual" means the next time the Treasury will add interest to your bond.

Enter each of your bonds in the same manner to create a complete inventory of your savings bonds. Click on the blue "Print" button to print a copy of your inventory.

Save your inventory to facilitate future updates. Follow the instructions from Treasury Direct for saving the file with Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, MSN Explorer, Netscape Navigator or Communicator, Opera or Safari. As of December 2010, you cannot save your inventory with Google Chrome. Once you have saved your file, access it in the future by locating it on "My Computer" or your file management program. Then double click it, and click on "Return to Savings Bond Calculator" to get current information on your bonds.

Look up you HH/H savings bonds using the link in References to "Treasury Direct: Services for HH/H Bonds Savings Bonds." Scroll down to "How to Access Your Account," and click on "Log In." On the next page, put in the Social Security number or employer identification number on your bonds, as well as a serial number of one of the bonds. Certify that you have ownership rights to the account and click "Submit. " You will view a record of HH and H bonds in the account, including interest accrued.


  • Look up forgotten or lost E bonds no longer earning interest via "Treasury Direct: Treasury Hunt" using the link in References. Scroll down to the blue "Start Search" button and click to access the tool. This page gives information only on E bonds dated 1974 or later. You need an owner's Social Security number or an employer identification number to begin your search.