How Long Do Pending Charges Show on a Bank Account?

by Neil Kokemuller
An ATM withdrawal usually results in a pending transaction overnight.

A pending bank account charge means that you have withdrawn funds, written a check that has been processed or used a debit card to make a purchase against your checking account. Typically, basic transactions are processed overnight, reports the Department of the Treasury website. This means that a transaction is normally pending for about one day. However, some banks have a cut-off time, after which the transaction is treated as if it occurred the next business day.

Pending Transaction Consequences

Pending transactions make accurate record-keeping important. If you rely on your bank account's record of your balance when you have pending transactions without taking those transactions into account, you may overspend. Some banks do show you a current balance online with pending transactions noted. However, any outstanding checks that have not yet been cashed or deposited would not be deducted from this balance.

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