How to Locate My W-2

by Jalisa Summerville ; Updated July 27, 2017
Contact your employer to obtain your W-2 form.

Employers report an individual's wages and tips, in addition to taxes withheld, using a W-2 form. In order to file your taxes, you must have your W-2 information. Many employers keep copies of W-2 forms in an employee's personnel files and even online. If you have misplaced your W-2 or simply need a copy for your personal records, there are resources available to assist your search.

Step 1

Contact your employer's human resources or personnel office. Many employers are required to keep copies of past and current employees' W-2 forms for various reasons, including bookkeeping. If you are a former employee, your employer might require identification, such as your driver's license, to obtain copies of your W-2 forms . Complete any applicable forms to receive your W-2.

Step 2

Access online W-2 websites such as W-2 Express or Rapid Taxes. Both websites provide access to W-2 forms for participating employers. Contact your individual employer to verify if the company utilizes this service. For instance, when using W-2 Express' website, log in to the site by using your employer's name or code. Click the "Find Employer Name" link to view a list of employers, including the tax identification code.

Step 3

Visit the IRS's official W-2 form request Web page. Download, print and complete Form 4506-T (Request For Transcript of Tax Return) if you would like a summary or transcript of your W-2 information. This service is provided by the IRS free of charge. Complete Form 4506 (Request for Copy of Tax Return) if you need an actual copy of your W-2 form. As of January 2011, the IRS charges a $57 per tax year fee to obtain this information. Mail either document to the address listed on the request form.

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