How to Locate Uncashed Savings Bonds

The United States Treasury reports that savings bonds worth billions of dollars remain uncashed, even though they no longer earn interest. Even though the actual bonds are missing, you can still cash them. You have to provide basic information and show that you have a legal right to redeem the bonds. But even if you don't have the actual paper bonds, the Treasury provides several tools to help locate and cash them.

Lost or Stolen Bonds

Print out form PDF1048E from the Treasury Direct website (see Resources). Use this form for lost, destroyed and stolen EE, E, HH, H or I bonds. Do not use this form, however, for bonds never received in the mail.

Provide basic bond information, including issue dates, face values of the bonds and bond numbers. Provide the names and addresses of owners, including Social Security numbers.

Check "Payment by Check" or "Payment by Direct Deposit" under No. 5, "Relief Requested" to cash the lost bonds depending on which payment method you prefer.

Sign the form before a certifying officer, available at many credit unions and banks, and send the form plus supporting documents to the Treasury. Send to P.O Box 2186, Parkersburg, WV 26106-2186 for HH or H bonds. Send to P.O. Box 7012, Parkersburg, WV 26106-7012 for EE, E or I bonds.

Bonds Not Received

Download and print form PDF 3062-4E to make a claim for bonds that never arrived in the mail (see Resources).

Fill out the date of issue and face value of the bonds. Provide the serial numbers if you know then. Give complete ownership information, including name, address and Social Security number.

Provide other details, including your authority to cash the bonds and how you wish to receive payment.

Sign the form in front of a certifying officer of a credit union or bank and mail to the Treasury, along with any supporting papers. Use this address: Department of the Treasury, Bureau of the Public Debt, P.O. Box 7012, Parkersburg, WV 26106-7012.

Lost E Bonds

Log on to Treasury Hunt at the Treasury Direct website to locate old E bonds. This tool finds only E bond from 1974 or later that have stopped earning interest (see Resources).

Enter the Employer Identification Number or Social Security number of the bond's registered owner in the blank box.

Click "Search," and follow the instructions to locate and cash your bond.


  • Check the maturity dates and interest on bonds you have in hand using the Savings Bond Calculator at Treasury Direct. (See Resource 4.)


  • You must have authority to cash the bonds, for example as an owner, co-owner, beneficiary or legal representative.