How to Locate Property Owners in Los Angeles County

How to Locate Property Owners in Los Angeles County
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The information and names of property owners in Los Angeles can be searched out when needed. While in many counties the records of property owners can be searched for online, this is not the case in Los Angeles County. These records can be made available by request by telephone, in person, or in writing. Tax assessor's and county recorder records can typically be searched out with just one or a few pieces of information. The only information needed is a street address, owner's name, legal description, and/or parcel number.

Choose the location of the property you want to learn about. The information needed will be the parcel number, name of the property owner or legal description, and an address. Be aware that the records from the county recorder cannot be investigated online. Information can only be accessed by a submission in writing and/or calling the tax assessor’s office or the county recorder. There will be a fee assessed for access to this information.

Conduct the search yourself or through a third party such as an information broker. The option of using an information broker is relatively inexpensive. Information brokers also generally have access to large databases which reveal property owners.

Make use of a private investigator to go to the tax assessor's or county recorder's office. You can also use a private investigator for his access to databases. An hourly charge or flat rate is the usual charge from a private investigator and can potentially become expensive.

Take delivery of a listing of properties a specific person owns. In some cases, simple pages of information and details will be received. In more common cases, copies of tax record information or recorded documents will be received.


  • Some public officials, judges, law enforcement officers, and other professionals often have the right to redact their property records for security reasons.