How to Locate Tax Liens From Harris County, TX

In Harris County, Texas when a taxpayer fails to pay state or federal taxes, a lien, or tax certificate, is placed on his property. Since the county and state relies on taxes to pay for project, such as road repairs and school functions, delinquent taxes causes harmful economic affects. Therefore, the county allows investors to purchase the certificates and charge the taxpayer interest on the balance due. Additionally, if the taxes are not paid along with the interest, the land is deeded to the investor for just the cost of the certificate.

Purchase the newspapers from the cities in Harris County, such as Baytown, Houston, Deer Park and Pasadena, where you are interested in locating tax liens Review the delinquent tax notifications listed in the newspaper.

Review the newspaper for upcoming tax lien auctions. Generally, the county holds an auction on the first Tuesday of any month at the Harris County courthouse. Therefore, check often for auction notices.

Visit the Harris County, Texas courthouse at 301 Fannin Street, Houston, Texas. Go to the tax assessor and collector's office.

Request a list of tax liens from the clerk. All tax liens, both federal and state, are listed with the county courthouse. Ask when the next tax lien auction will be held at the Harris County courthouse.

Call the tax assessor and collector's office at 713-368-2510 and receive an updated date for the next auction.