How to Find Local KFC Menu Prices

by Mary Jane Freeman ; Updated July 27, 2017


Although Kentucky Fried Chicken has locations throughout the United States, prices can differ between locations as well as throughout the year. Just because that 8-piece bucket of Extra Crispy chicken was one price at your neighborhood KFC doesn't mean it'll be the same price at the KFC across town. Before stopping by a location you're unfamiliar with, give the location a call ahead of time. This way you can verify its current prices and make sure your planned meal is within budget.


Identify the KFC you plan to visit. Go to and scroll to the bottom of the page. On the left-hand side, enter your preferred zip code or city name and press the "Enter" button on your computer. A new page will load that lists KFC locations in the surrounding area. Jot down the phone number of the KFC you will be visiting. Click on the "More Info" link to see the store's hours of operation and whether it offers gift cards, catering and WiFi at that location. Click "Directions" button for driving directions to the location.

Food Items

Prior to calling KFC, determine the food items you plan to order. At the top of KFC's website, the following food categories are listed: chicken, sandwiches, meals, $5 fill ups, sides, classics, desserts, drinks and sauces. Underneath are pictures of Original Recipe, Extra Crispy and Kentucky Grilled Chicken buckets, popcorn nuggets, KFC go cup, Extra Crispy tenders, and Doublicious sandwich. Click on links or food pictures to review potential options. Jot down your choices. Aside from the obvious price of "$5 fill ups," price information is not available for any food items on KFC's website.

Contact KFC

Call the KFC you plan to visit. First, ask if they serve the food items you have selected. If so, ask for the price of each item at that location. It's also a good idea to ask whether that location charges a sales tax on food items, and if so, how much. Armed with this information, you'll be able to calculate the total price of your purchase, which should match the total price the cashier rings up at the register.


You might be able to reduce the price of your food purchase with coupons. Enroll in KFC's Colonel's Club to have special offers sent directly to your email. To find coupons and promotions online, visit My Local KFC. You can also find KFC coupons in the coupon section of your Sunday newspaper. Some KFC locations also provide senior discounts.

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