How to Load the Green Dot From a Visa Card

Green Dot debit card accounts are prepaid. The account must be loaded with funds for activation and usage. Green Dot accounts can be loaded and reloaded in a number of ways. The most common method of loading is via Green Dot MoneyPak. MoneyPaks are used as a method of transfer to move funds from another source to the Green Dot account. MoneyPaks can be purchased at numerous Green Dot MoneyPak locations. MoneyPaks can also be loaded from a Visa or any other credit card with the Star, Pulse, or Nyce logo, as long as you withdraw the funds from the card account.

Withdraw the funds for transfer to the MoneyPak from your Visa card. If you have a Visa debit card with a PIN, you can withdraw the funds from any ATM. However, with a Visa credit card account, you will need to contact your card service provider to request a cash advance. (See Warnings for more information.)

Go to a Green Dot MoneyPak load location in your area. Green Dot MoneyPaks can be purchased from the prepaid and/or gift card section at any Walgreens, Walmart, CVS Pharmacy, Rite Aid, 7-Eleven or Kmart.

Purchase a Green Dot MoneyPak with the cash advance. Tell the cashier the amount you'd like to load to the MoneyPak for transfer to your Green Dot account. The total will include the amount you want to add to the Green Dot card, along with the reload fee of $4.95. You will receive a receipt with a confirmation number and Green Dot loading number so the funds can be transferred successfully.

Wait 60 minutes after purchasing the Green Dot MoneyPak to begin the loading process. Go online to the official MoneyPak website (see Resources).

Enter your 16-digit Green Dot card number in the "Reload a Prepaid Card" data field on the MoneyPak website homepage. Click "Reload" to proceed. Provide the MoneyPak confirmation code or reloading number when the next page loads. This action will link the funds transfer to the Green Dot card you provided.


  • You can also complete the Green Dot MoneyPak reload process by phone. Simply dial 1-800-GREENDOT from a land-line or cell phone. Then, follow the Green Dot automated prompts, enter your 16-digit GreenDot card number, and provide the MoneyPak confirmation number when prompted by the automated system.


  • Be advised that all Green Dot MoneyPaks come with a reload fee of $4.95 in addition to the amount you'd like to add to the Green Dot card account. This charge will be incurred regardless of where you buy the MoneyPak.

    Only cash is accepted in stores for Green Dot MoneyPaks. Therefore, you will not be able to use your Visa at the register to pay for the MoneyPak. You will need to withdraw the funds from your Visa or card account prior to going to a Green Dot MoneyPak location to make the purchase. Be advised that any method of cash advance, whether from an ATM with a Visa debit card or through the card provider with a credit card, may result in fees. Service fees will vary depending on your card provider.