How to Live Like a Millionaire Even If Your Not

by Contributor ; Updated July 27, 2017
Live Like a Millionaire Even If Your Not

You don't have to be a millionaire to live the millionaire lifestyle. You can live the millionaire lifestyle on a middle class budget. Here's how you can live like a millionaire even if your not.

Step 1

Invest money in the stock market. You can buy an index fund and invest $50 to $100 dollars a month into the fund. You can start building wealth like the rich do by investing.

Step 2

Rent a luxury car. If you like rolling in a nice car, then rent a bmw or a Mercedes Benz for a few days. People will think your very wealthy if they see you driving in a luxury car.

Step 3

Set a appointment and treat yourself to a spa once a month. A spa once a month won't break your pockets. If you skip going to a movie and a few dinners, then you should be able to go to the spa.

Step 4

Go to the art museum. You might be able to get into some art museums for free. Very wealthy individuals collect a great amount of art. You will usally find people with a higher networth that enjoy going to art museums.

Step 5

Play golf. The rich have always played golf. Golf is one of the most played sports by the rich. It has been a myth that the better you are at golf, then the more savy you are in your finances.


  • make sure you really live the millionaire lifestyle on a millionaire budget.


  • Don't go broke trying to live a lifestyle of higher standards.

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