List of Second Careers After Retirement

Retirement signifies the end of working life for many Americans, but many retirees decide to pursue secondary careers. There are many benefits to starting a secondary career after retirement such as staying active and engaged in your community and earning additional income to supplement retirement savings. There are a variety of jobs, both full-time and part-time, that are often appealing to older workers.

Teachers and Professors

Retirees that have spent their careers in professional fields will often have the necessary education and experience to become excellent teachers and professors. Many younger workers shy away from educational roles since teaching often provides lower income potential than working in other fields. Retirement provides the time for older workers to pass on life experience and knowledge to young learners. Teaching can be an attractive second career for retirees since schedules can be flexible (some professors only teach a few classes) and summers are generally free. The "US News and World Report" states that demand for professors will likely increase in the future.


Experienced workers are often valued in consulting roles and leadership roles such as a managerial board attendee. Consultants help make important decisions and provide insight based on their knowledge and experience. Non-profit board managers have the opportunity to help worthy causes and decide how to spend donated funds.


Retirees that prefer to stay physically active and work with their hands may enjoy a second career as a handyman. If you have experience in home improvement, or have worked as a carpenter, electrician or plumber, your skills are likely to be in demand. Handymen must be familiar with a wide variety of tools, materials and constructions in homes and have good troubleshooting and problem-solving skills. Handymen often work as independent contractors meaning you can take on as many or as few jobs as you wish.

Librarian Assistants

Librarian assistants work at libraries carrying out tasks such as stocking books, checking books in and out and cataloging items. A librarian assistant may work part time at irregular hours, meaning schedules can be flexible and able to be tailored to fit your needs. Working at a library can be an attractive option for those with a love for literature, with library experience and those that prefer a quiet and clam environment.

Government Jobs

Working for your city, state or the federal government can provide attractive benefits, and government agencies are constantly hiring new workers for a variety of positions requiring different types of expertise.