List of Major Health Insurance Companies

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Health insurance is a valuable asset to many people, saving them tens of thousands of dollars in health care costs associated with medical treatments and procedures from anything from cancer care to repairing a broken leg. Major health insurance companies, providers and carriers offer varying levels of benefits depending on policy, including lower co-payments and partial or full payment on services that range from doctor's office visits to visits to an emergency room.

Blue Cross/Blue Shield

Blue Cross/Blue Shield is one of the oldest health insurance companies in the United States, having offered health insurance services and benefits since the late 1920s. According to its history literature, one in three Americans is covered by Blue Cross/Blue Shield, which offers 39 types of health plans and coverage.

United Health Group

United Health Group health insurance plans are popular for many businesses and health care employers around the country. Founded in the mid-1970s, the health care group focuses on consumer-driven products and services, including telehealth networks that enable live videoconferencing from specialists when patients can't travel to distant locations for specialized care.


TriCare is a major medical insurance provider for military servicemen and women and their families. As one of the largest in the United States, TriCare offers dental, vision, and general health and wellness care for all military service members, spouses and children.


Aetna offers health insurance plans and services to individuals and families as well as plans for government employees. Since the 1860s, Aetna has offered a variety of life insurance for consumers, and in 1936 first offered group insurance policies.


Humana health care insurance may be newer on the block when it comes to health care, but it offers popular and affordable group health insurance plans to employers. Owning the dubious record of being one of the most heavily traded health care companies in the United States, Humana first began offering health plans in the early 1980s.


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