A List of Independent Practice Associations

by Charlotte Anne Cox
Earning a medical degree does not mean you have to practice medicine in a clinical setting.

Independent practice associations work with physicians, hospitals and insurance companies in order to provide quality health care services to the communities that they represent. In order to do this, these organizations work with insurance companies to provide affordable health care and give doctors the tools that they need to treat their patients. Physicians who are members of these associations can have access to educational programs, technology and business services that are all designed to help doctors run their practices effectively.

Central Oregon Independent Practice Association

The Central Oregon Independent Practice Association, also known as COIPA, represents physicians and other medical practitioners in the central part of the state. The organization, which has about 600 members, benefits the medical community in Oregon through services that include an electronic health record solution, seminars and credentialing programs. In addition, COIPA gives its members discounts on dental and malpractice insurance plans and supplies that medical practices need to do business.

Mid-Valley Independent Physicians Association

The Mid-Valley Independent Physicians Association represents physicians in Oregon who have practices located in Marion and Polk counties. The association, which has about 500 members, was founded in 1976 to help physicians provide the best medical care for their patients. The organization, which was originally called Capitol Health Care Physicians, works with 10 insurance carriers to provide a number of insurance products including workers' compensation, commercial and Medicare insurance plans.

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Greater Rochester Independent Practice Association

The Greater Rochester Independent Practice Association, or GRIPA, represents over 800 physicians who provide services at the Newark Wayne Community Hospital and the Rochester General Hospital in the Rochester, New York. The association was founded in 1996 to assist these doctors and hospitals in providing quality care for the community through its technology, medical and business services. Members of GRIPA benefit from educational programs, data analysis services, medical intervention services, publications and clinical integration programs that allows physicians, hospitals, pharmacies and laboratories share information about patients.

Shenandoah Independent Practice Association

The Shenandoah Independent Practice Association, also known as SIPA, represents the needs of primary care physicians and medical specialists. The organization works with the number of insurance companies, including Primary Physician Care, Virginia Health Network and Perdue Farms, in order to provide comprehensive care to patients in Virginia and West Virginia.

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