How to Find a Lease Agreement Form for a Rental

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If you are considering becoming a landlord and renting out residential real estate like your home, apartment, garage parking, condo or even a vacation house or land you need to legally protect yourself with a lease. There are a few good sources for you to obtain a legally binding lease agreement form.

Identify what you are renting. If you are renting a house you need a different agreement if you rent it weekly as a vacation home than you do if you have a one year lease on the property.

Find out if you can legally rent something as you would like. For example, in many resort communities the homeowner's association may not allow for weekly rentals. You many live in a community where zoning laws prohibit the rental of your garage as a stand alone lease.

Visit your local office supply store. Most of the larger office supply stores offer a variety of leases for sale. If they do not have what you are looking for specifically in stock, they may have it available through their catalog and will be happy to order it for you there at the store to be delivered directly to your home.

Visit online legal document retailers that specialize in rental agreements.

Complete the lease in full even if the information seems redundant or unnecessary. They have a lot of information on to be completed for a reason... to protect you. Be sure that you and your tenant both have a copy of the signed (executed) contract.


  • Consult a real estate attorney if you are unsure of any details on the lease or any specific legal requirements of your state.


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