How to Learn The Stock Market Online

by Contributor ; Updated July 27, 2017
The light bulb will come on

Learning all about the stock market isn't a quick process, but most people are fully capable of learning how the stock market works. Plenty of tools available online allow you to learn the stock market at your own pace.

Step 1

Understand that you CAN understand how the stock market works, it just takes some time. Do not defeat yourself before you get started and say that it is too complicated for you, or you won't put the proper effort in and you won't understand the stock market.

Step 2

Learn the stock market over a period of time. Understand that trying to learn too many things at one time can be overwhelming and it can cause you to not remember the most basic steps in the long run. Keep it simple and basic at first and then build up to the more complicated stock market definitions and terms.

Step 3

What kind of places online help you learn the stock market? The best news of all is that there is a multitude of information out there to help you in your process of learning the stock market. Sites such as investopedia, motley fool, marketwatch, and Yahoo Finance are all very useful to help understand basic and more complex investing terms and theories.

Step 4

The best way to go about it is to start with the basic terms on a site such as investopedia or motley fool, which have great sections geared toward the beginning investor. Learn about exactly how the stock market works and why companies sell shares of their stock. Learn how one can try to profit in the stock market, and the risks that you take in the stock market.

Step 5

After you have mastered the basics it is time to move on to some of the more complex investment information. Now is the time to learn about things such as valuation methods, understanding a balance sheet of a company, and how to screen for the stocks that fit your personal needs the best.

Step 6

Finally, I highly recommend practicing the stock market online. You can play the stock market simulation games online at investopedia or These allow you to see exactly how buying or selling stocks work and track your progress before actually making the investment with your hard earned money.


  • Set a schedule and have goals on what you want to learn. Make the time frame realistic.


  • Do not give up easily. Do not think you'll master the market in the matter of a few hours. It simply will not happen.