How to Find Free Landlord Forms

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There are a number of forms landlords will need in the course of owning and renting/leasing their investment properties. These forms include but are not limited to the lease application, lease agreement, lease addendum, rental/lease receipts, notice to renew or vacate and eviction notice. These forms can be retrieved for free from the Internet, your local library, some real estate brokers' or property managers' offices, and local landlords' associations.

Inquire with you local landlords' association. Such groups have many resources available at their members' disposal. These resources not only include landlord forms, but publications that assist landlords maximize their net positive cash flow, deal with tenant issues, and understand landlord-tenant laws.

Check your local library. There are many books that contain real estate forms for both investors and landlords. Forms that are necessary in leasing/renting property can be found in resource books.

Contact local real estate brokers' offices. Some real estate brokers' offices deal with investor clients on a regular basis and may have access to basic landlord forms. In addition, some local property management companies may provide these forms free or nearly free of charge.

Visit free document form websites, such as EZLandlordForms. The Internet has several websites that have free downloadable landlord forms and many are state specific. Some are more comprehensive than others, but most have the necessary landlord forms, such as lease agreements and tenant applications (see Resources).


  • Some of these free forms will be generic and may not include all necessary legal disclosures or landlord—tenant laws in your specific area.