How to Get the Kmart Weekly Ad

Kmart's weekly ad provides information about promotional products and sale prices specific to your local Kmart store. To get electronic access to Kmart's weekly ad, visit the Kmart website or browse the ad on a shopping information website. For a copy of the paper ad, you can subscribe to a local newspaper or visit the store in person.

Electronic Version of the Kmart Weekly Ad

Kmart Website

Kmart provides the weekly ad, along with coupons and deals of the day, on its website. To get access to the ad, navigate to Kmart's local store page. If you allow your web browser to detect your location, the Kmart website will automatically load information for the Kmart store closest to you. If Kmart doesn't automatically detect your location, or you want to see the weekly ad for a different store, click on Change Store. Enter the zip code of the store location you're interested in and choose Select Store when you see it on the list.

Get the ad for your local Kmart store by selecting View the Weekly Ad, then View this Ad. You then can browse the weekly ad by page. If you want more details about an item in the ad, click on the photo of the item to launch a pop-up window. From this window, you can read reviews, look at specifications and check if the item is currently in stock at your store.

Although you can't subscribe to receive the weekly ad, you can register online to receive information about sales, coupons, promotions and the Kmart deal of the day. To subscribe, visit the Kmart preference center, create a user account and select the information you'd like to receive.

Find & Save

Find & Save is an electronic advertiser that partners with local newspapers to offer shopping information specific to the user's area. It offers the electronic version of Kmart weekly ads, along with weekly ads from other popular retailers in the area. To find the Kmart ad specific to your area, navigate to Find & Save's website and choose your location from the drop down menu. If there's a Kmart in your geographic area, the current Kmart ad will appear in the Shopping, Sales, and Coupons area. Click See All Sales on the Kmart ad icon, then choose the Weekly Ad tab to browse by page.

Paper Version of the Kmart Weekly Ad

Sunday Newspaper

The most reliable way to get a paper copy of Kmart's weekly ad is to purchase a local newspaper subscription, or purchase a daily copy of the paper when the advertisement appears. Many newspapers include a paper insert of local retailer ads in the Sunday edition. The price of a newspaper subscription varies by area, so contact your local newspaper's sales line and inquire about the price of a subscription. Before you subscribe or purchase a copy of the paper, verify that the Kmart weekly ad will be included in the Sunday edition.

Kmart Stores

Kmart stores often provide paper copies of the weekly ad for store patrons. Before you visit your store, call ahead to ensure that the store currently has paper copies of the ad available.